We are pleased to have received a grant from the European Social Fund to help train and upskill women who are eligible to work, but where a lack of confidence in their own skills and abilities hampers progress.

We aim to help develop the confidence of our ladies through a combination of coffee mornings (whilst adhering to government guidelines), volunteering opportunities, one-to-one meetings and development plans, workshops and social activities.

This will enable the users to go onto further courses, which will allow them to access a work type environment.

Many of the refugee and asylum seeker communities we support, continue to be disadvantaged due to a combination of living in poverty, a lack of integration into the wider community and a disconnect between them and the support system.

They face unique and complex challenges related to their mental helath and are often at greater risk of developing mental health issues.

This is where our work will help through enabling the beneficiaries to develop their own skills and confidence through volunteering, with the aim of progressing them onto accredited courses.