Over the last 7 years, Give-A-Gift has worked tirelessly within the disadvantaged communities providing food parcels, school uniforms, clothes, winter coats and in emergency situations, accommodation.

We also try to ensure that our clients are able to celebrate their religious events with their families and dignity intact.

This facet of our work started when we realised that poverty is sadly prevalent within indigenous communities on our doorstep and since March 2020 with the CoVid-19 pandemic, this has only increased.

We started this facet of our work through collecting food items and donations for distribution at Christmas five years ago and now make this an annual feature of our work. We work closely with our Partner agencies to ensure that we are reaching those communities that need our help the most.

The cohort of people we work with are refugee & asylum-seeking communities, destitute asylum seekers, the homeless in Leeds and finally those people who live on or below the poverty line.

Give-A-Gift are extremely proud to have:

  • Distributed food parcels at Christmas to families living below the poverty line;
  • Organised a Christmas day lunch held in conjunction with All Hallows Church in Hyde Park;
  • Provide food and essential necessities to the vulnerable for living on a day to day basis;
  • Distribute warm clothing, sleeping bags and hygiene kits to the homeless;
  • Signposting and advocacy support.

Give A Gift work within a number of disadvantaged inner-city areas in Leeds, where the refugee and asylum seeker communities have been accommodated. Although our primary work is with destitute asylum seekers,who have no recourse to public funds, throughout the pandemic time period we have worked tirelessly to support those low-income families and families who are on and below the poverty line.

Our initial activities focused upon the collection and distribution of clothes, food and essential household items such as beds, furniture and cooking and heating appliances. This has subsequently led us to becoming a key conduit between the mainstream refugee support agencies and the destitute asylum seeker community.

We plug the gaps in service provision during the difficult and traumatic transition period from asylum seeker to refugee status, a period which can last months and even years and a period where individuals / families receive little if any financial assistance.

Examples of our work:

    • Advocacy and befriending support
    • Overcoming language barriers through interpretation and translation support
    • Short Term financial assistance where not eligible for public funds or where welfare benefits are delayed
    • Assistance with finding accommodation or with furnishing accommodation
    • Acting as a conduit between the statutory agencies, refugee agencies and the client
    • Providing social, leisure and recreational needs particularly for the women and young people to relieve social isolation
    • Providing volunteering opportunities

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