Volunteering & Training

At Give A Gift, we are committed to empowering refugees and asylum seekers to rebuild their lives and thrive in their new communities. Through our volunteering opportunities and skills development & training programs, we provide valuable support, resources, and opportunities for individuals to develop new skills, gain independence, and contribute to society.

Our Approach:

Volunteering Opportunities: We offer a range of volunteering opportunities tailored to the interests, skills, and experiences of refugees and asylum seekers. Whether it’s assisting with our cultural food hub, providing language support, or offering administrative assistance, volunteering provides individuals with valuable experience, connections, and a sense of purpose.

Skills Development & Training: Our skills development & training programs are designed to equip refugees and asylum seekers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to pursue educational and employment opportunities. Dependent on funding this can include language classes and vocational training.

Cohesion and Integration: We believe in the importance of fostering cultural exchange and integration between refugees, asylum seekers, and their new communities. Through our programs and activities, we create opportunities for meaningful interactions, cross-cultural learning, and mutual understanding, strengthening social cohesion and building bridges between communities.

Get Involved:

Volunteer: Join our team of volunteers to support refugees and asylum seekers as they integrate into their new communities. Whether you have professional skills to share or simply want to lend a helping hand, your contribution is invaluable.

Donate to Give a Gift and Help Make a Real Difference in Someone's Life

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Donate to Give a Gift and Help Make a Real Difference in Someone's Life