Advocacy & Befriending

At Give A Gift, we are passionate about empowering individuals and communities to navigate challenges, access resources, and build meaningful connections. Our Advocacy and Befriending Services are designed to provide holistic support through asset-based community development, personalised advice and guidance, interpreting and translation assistance, and a comprehensive signposting and referral service.

What We Offer:

  • Asset-Based Community Development: We believe in harnessing the strengths and resources within communities to drive positive change. Through asset-based community development work, we collaborate with local residents, community groups, and stakeholders to identify and leverage existing strengths, talents, and resources to address community needs and aspirations. This project is aimed specifically at the Roma Community.
  • Advice & Guidance: Our staff offer confidential one-on-one consultations to individuals seeking support and guidance. Whether it’s navigating benefits systems, understanding housing rights, or accessing other support services, our staff provide compassionate and confidential assistance to address clients’ needs and concerns.
  • Interpreting & Translation: We recognise the importance of effective communication in accessing essential services and resources. Our team of trained interpreters and translators facilitates clear and accurate communication between clients and service providers, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder access to support and information.
  • Domestic Violence: we are dedicated to providing culturally sensitive and comprehensive support to individuals experiencing domestic violence within ethnic minority communities. Our services are tailored to address the unique challenges and barriers faced by survivors, including cultural norms, language barriers, and lack of awareness about available resources.
  • Signposting & Referral Service: At Give A Gift we know that the needs of our users are too complex for us to tackle on our own. We therefore work in collaboration with a wide range of partners and have an extensive network of partners who can provide further or more specialised support to our clients. Our signposting and referral service connects individuals with the appropriate services and resources based on their specific needs and circumstances, empowering them to access the support they require.

How You Can Access Our Services:

Get in Touch: If you or someone you know could benefit from our advocacy and befriending services, please contact us to learn more about our offerings.

Referrals: Healthcare providers, social workers, community organisations, and other agencies are encouraged to refer individuals who may benefit from our support services.

Volunteer: Join our team of dedicated volunteers to support our advocacy and befriending initiatives. Whether it’s providing language support, offering advice and guidance, or facilitating community development projects, your skills and compassion can make a meaningful difference.

Donate to Give a Gift and Help Make a Real Difference in Someone's Life

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Donate to Give a Gift and Help Make a Real Difference in Someone's Life