Arriving as a stranger from Overseas

Its not easy arriving in a foreign country with no ability to speak the language.

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W. experienced several barriers. In late 2021, she reunited with her husband, with their four dependent children, coming to England from Pakistan. The transition impacted her emotional and psychological wellbeing. W. struggled with a sense of loss and disconnection after leaving her family, culture, and community in Pakistan. She developed anxiety and stress with the daunting reality of financial instability and her husband’s health struggles.  He had developed diabetes and then suffered a stroke, which depleted his energy levels. This limited his capacity for employment and earning potential, and the bills started to accrue.

English was a barrier for both of them. She didn’t speak English, his English language skills were poor, and they were either unaware, or unable to access the support services and advice to which they were entitled. With attendance at our Social and Wellbeing session, her English improved, thereby improving her confidence and reducing her feelings of loneliness; she now had people with whom she could share her concerns. 

Give A Gift provided one-to-one confidential emotional support in a safe space and non-judgemental environment. We also provided culturally appropriate food parcels, vouchers and facilitated social engagement with the wider community.

We referred the family to HELP, for advice and support with utility bill arrears, and welfare benefit application, whilst providing interpretation and advocacy support for W. and her husband.

She became empowered to undertake ESOL classes at RETAS and has developed her interest in health, beauty and self-care courses.

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Donate to Give a Gift and Help Make a Real Difference in Someone's Life